121 Dietitian Bespoke Nutrition Packages

Gillian Killiner is world-renowned for helping people with complex dietary and health issues.

She has created programmes designed to assist you in as little as two weeks.

Her team uniquely provides in-depth, complete nutritional assessments and health checks, and treatments. Skilled in using a variety of specialist tools, to ensure you are completely optimised.

We know from experience of attending others how frustrating it is to keep returning for appointments for snippets of information when preferably all could have been included in fewer sessions.

We have created our specialist programmes to ensure you are treated successfully in the first two appointments, so you do not require endless costly meetings.

This does not mean you are going it alone – far from it you are supported throughout your programme with us. You will receive bespoke plans to enjoy, recipes and a shopping list. Supplements may be recommended too.

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If the area you are interested in is not listed, please contact us to discuss.

Here are some of the programmes we have available:

Gut Health Programme

At 121 Dietitian, our world-renowned specialised 6 week Gut Health Programme is designed to address acute or long-term gastrointestinal concerns. We offer a range of symptom resolutions to optimise your GUT and overall health and include: IBS, Inflammation, chemical intolerances, reflux, diarrhoea, constipation and more.

Taster Plus Programme

Welcome to 121 Dietitian's Taster Plus Programme. Booking this programme you will receive 5 hours of Dietetic time over the 8-week programme. This programme addresses your specific health condition by optimising your diet and lifestyle for your physical and overall well-being! Click here to see more...

Weight Loss for Life Programme

We are thrilled to welcome you to 121 Dietitians' Weight Loss for Life Programme! This programme is designed to provide you with four months of personalised support and guidance from our team of expert dietitians. Our aim is to help you achieve your weight loss goals while also improving your overall health and wellbeing.

Weight Loss for Life Plus Programme

Welcome to 121 Dietitians' Weight Loss for LIFE Programme. Booking this programme you will receive 12 Months of personal Dietetic time and advice. The advice is tailored to your individual needs and not only addresses your weight loss but your overall diet and health too!

Gut Health and Weight Loss or Weight Gain Combi Programme

Welcome to the groundbreaking Gut Health and Weight Loss or Weight Gain Programme, exclusively developed by 121 Dietitian. This revolutionary programme is meticulously crafted to tackle your gastrointestinal issues head-on while empowering you to achieve your desired weight goals effortlessly. We understand the profound challenges that arise when attempting to lose or gain weight while battling gut-related concerns, which is why this programme offers a comprehensive two-in-one solution that guarantees success.

PCOS Programme

Welcome to the highly acclaimed and effective PCOS Programme offered by 121 Dietitian. Our tailored advice will provide you with practical solutions to manage PCOS effectively. We go beyond simply addressing the symptoms; our holistic approach takes into account various facets of your lifestyle, ensuring long-term success. Throughout the six months, you will have the support of six hours of personalised Dietetic time.

Diabetes Nutrition Programme

Welcome to the Diabetes Programme offered by 121 Dietitian Over the course of eight weeks, you'll receive an unparalleled level of personalized support and guidance from our expert dietitians. With two face-to-face consultations and a total of five hours of dedicated Dietetic time, we'll work closely with you to develop a plan that addresses your unique needs and goals. Supported with recipes, shopping lists, our proven approach has helped countless individuals take control of their pre - diabetes or Type II Diabetes and achieve lasting improvements in their overall well-being.

Sports Performance Programme

We are pleased to welcome you to the Sports Performance Programme by 121 Dietitians. This programme offers a comprehensive approach to improving your sports performance, resiliance, diet, and overall health. By booking this programme, you will receive five hours of personalised dietetic time with our team of experts, who will work with you throughout the eight-week duration of the programme. This programme is adapted for all levels.

Cancer Nutrition Programme

Welcome to 121 Dietitians' Cancer Nutrition Programme. Booking this programme you will receive 5 hours of personal Dietetic time during this 8-week programme. The advice is tailored to your individual needs and not only addresses diet and cancer but your overall diet and health too. This is important for being optimal for treatment and recovery.

Coeliac Disease Programme

We are excited to introduce you to the Coeliac Disease Plus Programme by 121 Dietitian. This programme is specifically designed to provide you with comprehensive support and guidance in managing your autoimmune condition. Our expert dietitians will work with you closely to create a personalised plan that meets your unique needs.

Fixing Metabolism Programme

This remarkable solution is designed to not only address your fatigue, feeling cold, poor sleep, low mood, low energy and low metabolic symptoms but also tackle your ongoing weight concerns with unparalleled success.


We would like to share some recipes that will help you with a range of Gut Health, Weight Loss & Weight gain issues.

Online Courses

We have a range of online courses covering a range of Gut Health topics that will give you practical tips and advice.