Health and Happiness for 2024

A New Year to rethink...

Hi to you all 

Firstly I wish to thank you for your support in reading our blogs and following us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 

We hope you had a pleasant Christmas Break and some relaxation was included. It’s hard at this time of year if it is cold and dark outside to feel upbeat and energised, but there is something about a New Year that gets people thinking and wanting to change.

We, as you know, love to help people and are here at 121 Dietitian as a growing team to assist you in your diet, lifestyle and health goals.

Please do give us a call or message if you wish to discuss your plans and see how we can assist you or a friend or family member.

We do hope you keep reading and liking our blogs which I have been creating to guide you through much confusion and please watch out for some new plans and services that we hope to bring you in 2024. 

Many thanks and Health and Happiness to you all for 2024

Warm regards

Gillian x

Gillian Killiner – Founder and Director @ 121 Dietitian


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Happy New Year

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