PCOS -Weight Loss Diet

PCOS – Weight Loss Management

(Fertility Programme)

PCOS – Polycystic ovary syndrome is the most common hormonal disorder in women of reproductive age. It affects about one in 10 women and usually starts from puberty and can continue through to menopause. PCOS can cause multiple problems, including infertility, acne, excess hair growth, period irregularity and excess weight. 

Why does PCOS make it difficult to lose weight?

PCOS has a link to multiple issues.

  • It can cause your pancreas to make more of the hormone Insulin and causes resistance. That extra insulin promotes fat storage and increases hunger, which can cause weight gain. 
  • Other hormones that regulate hunger and fullness can also be impaired by PCOS including hormones called leptin, ghrelin and cholecystokinin.
  • Testosterone is an androgen hormone and can be elevated in women with PCOS. It can affect sleep receptors so you do not get deep restorative sleep and we know a lack of sleep is linked to insulin resistance and weight gain.
PCOS and Fertility

What does the clinical evidence say for PCOS and Fertility?

Many large studies across the world have shown that women who were  overweight were able to lose weight before getting pregnant significantly improved both their fertility treatments and pregnancy outcomes.


This is why international guidelines have recommended that weight loss should be the first line treatment for women living with obesity before undergoing fertility treatment or planning a family.


How can a 121 Dietitian weight management programme help you?

There is no one size fits all regime for losing weight, nor is there one specific fertility diet. Furthermore, women who are overweight with conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome can find weight loss particularly difficult.
All of the recent evidence has indicated that crash diet/exercise regimes tend not to work and can even cause harm, in other words, weight management does not mean starving yourself!

The best approach is to have a sensible and achievable long-term plan to reduce weight and keep it off for GOOD.


Who is this plan for?

• Women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) experiencing difficulty losing weight
• Women who are over or underweight experiencing a delay in achieving a pregnancy
• Women who want to achieve weight and lifestyle improvement before trying for a baby
• Men who have modifiable risk factors with diet and weight.


Weight management for PCOS


The aims of the weight management and or fertility programmes we offer are:

• To achieve a realistic goal. We, therefore, focus on a 5-10% body weight loss over 4-6 months as this has been shown to improve fertility treatment outcomes.
• To achieve sustainable weight loss – not just short-term gain
• To provide a personalised dietary and exercise programme with appropriate psychological support – this has been shown to be the most effective way to achieve sustainable weight loss as well as improve quality of life – helping you to feel good about yourself
• To empower you to help you feel more in control of everyday life so that you can avoid returning to unhealthy lifestyle behaviours.

We haven’t forgotten the men in your lives….

Men can contribute to infertility issues also.

  • 30% of men are infertile due to multiple factors, medical and environmental.
  • Alcohol, smoking, being overweight and poor diet are factors that can be modified.

Our programmes allow for both or either partner to be treated for infertility.


How does our PCOS and Fertility plan work?

You will meet a specialist dietitian throughout a period of a minimum of 6 months….
Prior to an appointment, you will be asked to complete a 121 Dietitian – 7 Day Food Diary and Diet Plan Questionnaire. These will be assessed by Gillian Killiner RD, specialist Dietitian, and an appointment will be arranged to discuss the findings and begin the best nutritional programme bespoke to you. This can be via our online secure portal or face-to-face at our Holywood clinic.

Week 1 – At this initial appointment Gillian will include nutritional information, motivation and lifestyle changes. A nutritional programme, recipes and shopping list will be written up for you to follow with SMART goals. Nutritional optimisation is the goal and this will include assessment of gut health/mental health/bloods and corrected with diet and supplements as required.

Week 46 – at this dietetic review Gillian will reassess the recommendations and assist you with setting further achievable goals. If you are wishing for a reduction in weight you will be aiming for 1kg/2lb weight loss as a steady and manageable reduction each week.

Week 12-15 – Review with Gillian – you will be asked to forward a new food diary prior to this, the appointment is online/phone call &/or email.

Week 22 -28 – Final appointment with Gillian – reassessment of weight and medical and general health parameters in conjunction with your fertility team.

Partners together weight management fertility package £800

Either Partner weight management fertility Individual programme £600


Weight Loss for PCOS 

For women with PCOS who wish to lose weight only, our programmes will be tailored specifically to your requirements.

PCOS weight management programme £500

Kristen McBurney
Kristen McBurney
I cannot recommend Gillian enough. I got in touch after struggling to lose weight due to PCOS and suffering from IBS. Thanks to Gillian, my IBS symptoms have massively reduced, and I have been able to lose a significant amount of weight. Her warmth makes you feel instantly comfortable and at ease. Gillian’s help and expertise is second to none, and she is always on hand to answer any questions. I am throughly enjoying the plan Gillian created for me and have found it easy to integrate into my everyday life. I am so grateful for the positive impact her plan has had on me.
Hannah Crothers
Hannah Crothers
Gillian is the greatest. She is compassionate and professional, really helped me to understand my body’s function and how to best support it. Her advice has changed my life.
Jay Rafferty
Jay Rafferty
I would highly recommend Gillian. Her advice and guidance has been a game changer for me. With so much conflicting and confusing advice on healthy eating, using a professional nutritionalist is a must.
Emma Lavery
Emma Lavery
I could not recommend Gillian enough over the last 3 months - she has turned my life around! I was referred to Gillian by my gastro consultant due to suffering from ibs, gastritis and hormonal issues for nearly 10 years. Gillian was very understanding and approachable throughout my time spent with her. Gillian discussed my health, lifestyle and eating habits thoroughly. She advised an individualised blood check for underlying issues, educated me on supplements and provided numerous information to help aid my recovery. The low foodmap programme I have been following is achievable and can be adapted to anyones lifestyle. As I am a vegetarian I thought this process may be difficult however Gillian reassured me that this would be no issue. She supplied personalised shopping lists, recipes and alternative foods to help heal my gut and overall health. Continual support from Gillian was on hand via email when required. I seen improvements in my symptoms within only weeks of starting the programme and was overwhelmed by the success due to suffering for years! I have been spreading the word about Gillian's brilliant work and will continue to do so! Thank you again for all your help!
mick lorkins
mick lorkins
Strongly recommended. There are not many professionals that can totally change you life for the better but this one one if you follow the advice given.
Bobby D
Bobby D
For 30 years I have suffered with IBS D and have been unable to find the right specific help. I was introduced to 121 Dietician about 6 weeks ago and like all other services out there I was sceptical. First up was a consultation online which was great considering the many issues I was having going to places. Gillian listened very attentively and understood the many problems I was having. Gillian decided to introduce me to the Low FODMAP diet. Starting out she provided everything (information, shopping lists, recipes etc) to get started. Through the course of the first 6 weeks Gillian was available to answer any questions or concerns. Following the first 6 weeks I'm very happy to say that all the many problems associated with IBS have gone and I'm starting to live a normal life without any stage fright when out and about. The next 8 weeks will be the reintroduction stage but based on the knowledge from Gillian in the initial stage I'm very confident that at the end I will have full understanding of all my triggers. I can't recommend this service enough as most importantly after 30 years of severe symptoms I once again feel healthy and happy. This is a must if you suffer continually from this horrendous condition. I would be confident that this will help anyone who has IBS. For me this was the best money ever spent and I can't thank Gillian enough for the difference she has made. Roy Dornan
Jack Kennedy
Jack Kennedy
Helped solve stomach issues, had previous been to several people but this was the first dietary intervention that worked
Laura Campbell
Laura Campbell
After over 10 years of eating quite poorly, Gillian has completely changed my approach to food. After a consultation and review of my diet, she provided me with a list of easy and quick recipes that are packed full of nutrition. She takes into consideration your lifestyle as well which I really appreciated too. I now have much more energy and actually enjoy preparing meals now, something I never did before. I honestly cannot recommend her enough. Thankyou! :-)
Chris Arnold
Chris Arnold
The overall experience was a very positive one. Gillian certainly had the expertise and people skills to help evaluate and treat my daughters gut issues. The progress was quite instantaneous and over time has made a huge difference to her everyday life. Thanks to Gillian for her work which came at the end of many doctor consultations. In hindsight Gillian should have been the first port of call.
Amelia Tyler
Amelia Tyler
Gillian is great and her program was just perfect. All the meals were delicious and I always felt satisfied which made it very easy to follow. I would highly recommend, especially the 121 sports program.


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